Atmosphere “It Ain’t The Prettiest” guitar bass and keys

Gift Of Gab “Protocol” “NLP” “Rise” “Everything Is Fine” ft George Clinton “Toxic” ft Martian Luther “Wack But Good People” “Dream Warrier” ft Ms K “Beyond Logic” “Effed Up” “Market & 8th” Production
Martin Luther “Sara Smiles” Electric Sitar
Brother Ali “Stop The Press” “Gather Round” “Work Everyday” “Say Amen” Guitar Bass Keys String arrangement
Pandora Marie “Let It Go” “No End” “Awaken” “Night Walk” Production
Wu Block “Guns For Life” guitar and bass

Keak Da, Sneak Messy Marv, PSD “Ghetto Love” , “K.I.M (Keep It Movin)” Co-Production
Talib Kweli “Gutter Rainbows” guitar, bass, keys
Ms. K “The Takeover” production
Foreign Legion “Victory” “One Shot G Koop Remix” Production “One Shot’ “Party Over Here” “Legionnaire Lounge” guitar
Izrell “Big Heads” “When You Comin Out” “Man Down” “Bars” “Shoes On”  “The Streets” “Knock Off” ft Whosane & Davinci “Grease My Palms” “Dead and Gone” ft Goapele “The Revolution” ft Husalah & Chop Black “Hard Shit” ft J Biz & KB Imean “COming Soon” “The Streets” Production
L.E.P. Bogus Boys Feat Mobb Deep “Gangstaz Only” guitar bass keys
EA Ski “Please” Guitar and Keys
Locksmith “Out Here In The Rich” Production “Random Thoughts” guitar bass and keys
Essinchill “Daddy Was a Sailor” guitar bass and keys
Casual “Lieza” “Balling Out of Control” Production
NHT Boyz “Cheese” “Dopeboy” ft Husalah production

Freeway & Jake One “Stimulus Intro” feat. Beanie Sigal , “Throw Your Hands Up” , “She Makes Me Feel Alright” , “Microphone Killa”(feat. Young Chris) , “Follow My Moves” (feat. Birdman) , “Sho’ Nuff” (feat. Bun B) , “Freekin’ The Beat” (feat. Latoiya Williams) ,”Stimulus Outro” guitar bass keys percussion string arrangements
Ice Cube “Pros vs Joes” Additional Production
Alicia Keys “Unthinkable G Koop Remix” Production
Da Boy Dame “You Better Tuck It” Production
Da Boy Dame “You Better Tuck It Remix” Production
Lyrics Born “I’m The Best (Funky Fresh In The Flesh)” Production
Eternia and Moss “The BBQ feat Rah Digga and Rage” Guitar and Bass
Eternia and Moss “Any Man” Guitar Bass and Keys
Eternia and Moss “Pass That” Guitar Bass and Keys
Eternia and Moss “The Half” Guitar Bass and Keys
Eternia and Moss “Played Out” Guitar Bass and Keys
Fiber “Planecrash” Co-Production
Foreign Legion “Travel Lite” Synth
Locksmith “Man Up” Additional Production
Scarface “Dopeman Music Co-Production
Davinci “What You Finna Do” Saxophone,” Aristocrat” Bass and Keys, “Ben” Bass and Piano, “Whiplash” Guitar, “Do What It Do” Piano, “Guys Wanna” Bass and Guitar, “Ghetto To Mars” Bass

Doom “Rap Ambush,” “Microwave Mayo” co-production “Real Ballskin” guitar, bass, and keys
Lateef “Baby Doll” guitar and keys
Locksmith “IMGMI,” “Toss Up,” “Rare Form” co-production
Choklate “Serious”  co-production
Marco Polo and Torae “Danger” guitar, bass, and keys
Rakim “Won’t Be Long” guitar, bass and keys
Obie Trice  “Welcome” , “Got Hungry” , “You’ve Been Slain” , “On & On” , “I Am” , “4 Stories” , “Roughnecks” f/Deuce Wonder , “Cool Cat” , “Jack My Dick” guitar, bass and keys
Whosane “Collect The Winnings” Production
VSTYLEZ ft Royce Da 5′9″, Rapper Big Pooh, Elzhi & Phat Kat “Clash Of The Titans” keys

Ice Cube “It Takes a Nation” guitar
The Mighty Underdogs “Gunfight (with MF Doom),” Want You Back” “Ill Vacation(with Lyrics Born),” Lovelife (with Ladybug Mecca),”  “So Sad(with Julian and Damian Marley)” “Escape (with Mr Lif and Akrobatic),”Folks”  guitar, bass and keys
E 40 “Wake It Up (with Akon) percussion
Prodigy “Shed Thy Blood” co-production
Foreign Legion “Love Of The Game,” “Ain’t The Same” production
Kid Cudi “50 Ways” guitar, bass and keys
Jake One “I’m Coming (with Black Milk and Nottz),”Bless The Child (with Little Brother), “Oh Really (with Posdnus and Slug),”Trapdoor( with Mf Doom),” “Home (with Vitamin D, C Note, Maine and Ish)” co-production
Jake One “How We Ride (with Freeway)” “Get Er Done (with Mf Doom),” “RIP” guitar, bass, and keys
Nelly “Self Esteem (with Chuck D)” production

Young Buck “Clean Up Man” co-production
2pac “Resist The Temptation” co-production
Subkrew “Knightlife,” “Clockwork,” “Welcome Hell,” “Loose Change,” Production

Lil Scrappy “Nigga What’s Up” guitar bass and keys
Lanz “Happy Home” guitar bass, keys